How to Repair Clothes at Home and Save

Repair clothes

When a seam splits, a button falls off or a sock develops a hole, you might think it’s time to invest in a new one. What good is damaged clothing? But a lot of damage to clothing can be repaired. If you start to repair clothes instead of buying new ones, you’ll benefit from serious savings fast.

Which problems are easiest to fix and can save you the most money? Read below to find out the easiest way to repair clothes and start saving today.

Sewing Your Buttons

Buttons can be finicky and grow looser over time. The best way to keep all of your buttons and your clothing looking great is to fix one before it falls off. All you need to do is check your buttons every time you do laundry. Once you have identified a loose one, here’s how to fix it.

Adding a New Drawstring

This is a common problem affecting hoodies, gym shorts and other articles of clothing. It can happen in the wash or be caused by an inattentive person pulling too far. You might think the piece of clothing needs replacing, but it doesn’t have to be! Here’s how you can insert a new one using a safety pin.

Patching a Hole

Whether it’s a hole in your shirt, pants or anything else, this is a crucial skill that will help you extend the life of many of your garments. All you need is fabric and the other standard items in a sewing kit. Make sure you measure to ensure the patch is the right size. Then watch this video to see how to fix it.

Fixing Your Zipper

Zippers are great but they can cause problems when things go awry. The biggest problem most people experience is when the slider has jumped to one side of the zipper. Here’s how you can fix it.

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