Best Things to Buy at Dollar Stores

clean-571679_640If you need to save pennies on shopping, buying at dollar stores can help meet your monthly budget. Don’t expect all your dollar store buys to be great value – you’ll source some fantastic bargains, but need to be picky about products purchased. Next time you’re shopping, drop into your local dollar store with a list of the best things to buy and don’t get sidetracked by any seemingly amazing deals.

The following products tend to be great dollar store bargains:

  • Seasonal decorations, party and celebrations products and tissue paper or gift wrap are great buys. You’ll find gift bags, plastic tablecloths, party invites, seasonal cards, party favors and balloons at your local dollar store. These are all a great deal because they are typically one-time-use products that you will throw away after the celebration is over.
  • Cleaning and general household supplies are an excellent item to pick up at the dollar store. It’s even possible to buy some of the popular brands at lower prices than grocery stores if you shop carefully.
  • Storage containers and baskets, cool containers and sandwich bags or freezer storage bags are great buys from local dollar stores and tend to be high quality. Organizing your home is easy when you have all the necessary storage equipment on hand. Baskets are perfect for bathroom use and keep all your shower and cleaning supplies neat and tidy.
  • Some office supplies are great bargains at dollar stores. Check out the envelopes, pens, tape, and markers and buy them if they seem high quality. These products are especially great for school projects and home offices.
  • Kids’ toys and candies can be great buys too. Small toys and coloring books are ideal to keep children occupied, while some of the large bags of candy are great for visits to the theater or road trips.

Just be aware that not all dollar store buys are good value, so take time to compare prices and source the best things to buy at a dollar store that fit on your grocery list.

If you struggle to meet family budgets on a regular basis, check out the Lendgreen blog for great tips.

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