Best Grocery Coupon Apps to Help You Save

Grocery Store Coupon Apps

Coupons have gone digital. No more clipping through worn newspapers to get the best deals on your groceries. Now, you can just use your phone to quickly and easily save money and stay on budget. But not all grocery coupon apps are created equal.

Here are our top 3 grocery coupon apps that can really help you pinch pennies when you shop!

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is a mobile app that offers you cash back when you purchase specific items on their grocery list. Every Thursday morning, they update their weekly offers from which you can choose before heading to the grocery store. When you’re finished shopping, simply take a photo of your receipt, upload it to the app and it’ll record the amount you get in cash back based on your purchases!

Once your cash back balance is $20 or more, you can request a check whenever you want. Cash back for each item can vary from $0.25 to $2, which, over time, can help you get a significant amount of money back into your wallet! Keep in mind that with Checkout 51, you will need to shop quickly if you see a big cash back offer because those are limited each week!


MobiSave is another app that you can download to your phone to help you stay within budget at the grocery store. This one also has a number of offers to peruse each week, the ability to select the deals you like, and a feature to make your grocery list right in the app.

Offered products range from generic items like apples or eggs, to popular name brand items. The cash back offers on MobiSave range from $0.10 to $5. The app lets you shop, upload your receipt and easily request that your rebate be sent straight to your PayPal account!


SavingStar is an app that offers you cash back at specific stores. With this app, you can link to your frequent shopper card (like your CVS or BJs cards) and get the cash back applied to your account right away. Or, if you shop at stores without those frequent shopper cards, you can upload your receipt and get the cash back in your SavingStar account. Offers are added regularly and savings range from 25 cents to several dollars, and sometimes even include freebies! Additionally, SavingStar has a weekly healthy deal which typically offers shoppers a percentage off vegetables or fruits.

No matter where you shop, there are a number of grocery coupon apps to save you money and stay under budget!

If you want more ideas to make your grocery dollars go further, see 5 items you should buy in bulk.

NOTE: Views and recommendations expressed in this article are based on opinion only and are not representative of paid endorsements. 

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